Deeply Woven is a 4-piece progressive rock band from New Jersey that combines elements of metal, jazz fusion, math rock, ambience and atmosphere. Their music ranges from upbeat, colorful, and triumphant to tranquil, melancholic, and cinematic. Guitarist/composer Jorge Torres and drummer Stephen Wilson started performing in 2014 and continued to explore and refine their sound. Always intending to have a full line-up, the addition of bassist Sean Wallace and guitarist Shawn Hadid completed the sound that makes Deeply Woven what it is today. Since then, they have played shows extensively, gaining a following mostly in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. On stage, genuine synergy effortlessly flows between each member and the audience from the first note to the last note. Execution is never over-looked, yet the group manages to freely move around to the cadence of each track. In between these gigs, they worked to complete their self-recorded and self-titled the 2018 debut EP. Mixed and mastered by Adam Bentley of Arch Echo, each track embodies clarity, fluidity, and an overall impactful experience. Following that, the band released “The Unending Thread”, a free single in 2019, as a thank you to fans and to state that Deeply Woven has more in the works. As the band works on wrapping up their last strings of shows, a new chapter for Deeply Woven begins shortly after.